DEXMA Sensors (Spain)

Serving over 1,500 businesses in more than 40 countries, DEXMA is a leading provider of Energy Management Software solutions for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector. Our flagship hardware-neutral SaaS solution, DEXCell Energy Manager, combines Big Data algorithms with energy efficiency analytics to help thousands of facility managers, auditors and

building owners around the world to detect, analyse and control their energy consumption and costs. DEXMA is the preferred energy analytics partner of more than 250 ESCOs, utilities and integrators that form our Global Partner Network. With a team of 30 full-time employees, DEXMA is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Role in the project

DEXMA is leading the demonstration phase of the FEEdBACk project, also known as the 5th work package (WP5). In this WP, DEXMA will be in charge of assessing the energy efficiency awareness and engagement activities within the ICT-based platform that will result from this project. DEXMA will also play an important role in developing the actual gamification engine. In terms of FEEdBACk task leadership, DEXMA will coordinate the work related to data privacy and protection, user profiling and segmentation, implementation of the ICT-based platform for energy efficiency and monitoring, and validation of economic impacts and business models.