Estudi Ramon Folchi I Associats SL (ERF) (Spain)

ERF - Estudi Ramon Folch i Associats S.L. ( is an independent consulting company on energy, environment and sustainability with 23 years of experience at an international and national level. ERF tackles complex projects combining the expertise in Energy efficiency engineering, Environmental, territorial and urban consultancy and Sustainable and climate

strategies cabinet.
In Energy efficiency engineering, in the last 5 years, ERF has achieved for its clients' savings of over 15 GWh and 1,800,000€ by energy saving solutions in all types of buildings and public facilities through monitoring consumption, energy audits and environmental certifications.

Role in the project

ERF will develop activities mainly in the demonstration and impact assessment WPs. It will provide a test bed for the field trial of the ICT-based platform for energy efficiency to be developed within the FEEdBACk project. Therefore, ERF will help interview and gather end-users' ideas to specify functional requirements for the FEEdBACk solution. Furthermore, ERF will help deploy the FEEdBACk solution for validation at the end-user level in public buildings. The participating end-users will be interviewed after the field trial to gather the feedback of the usability and acceptability of the developed solutions. Finally, ERF will participate in the evaluation of economic impacts and in business models' validation as well as in the definition of new business opportunities and market uptake strategies.