In-JeT Aps (IN-JET) (Denmark)

In-JeT ApS was established in 1997 and has developed to become a renowned research and innovation firm in the field of technology development within internet based and energy-related services. As a SME, In-JeT has since 2003 adopted a strategy of obtaining leading software technologies and solutions from conceptualising and participation in EU and national research projects and subsequently transforming the results into commercial products and services. The strategy has provided us a number of world-class technologies from working with leading companies and research institutions in Europe and we have with great success commercialised major products for the Internet of Things from this collaboration in the area of citizen engagements, direct democracy, healthcare, and energy efficiency.

In-JeT ApS has been engaged as consultants, concept and technology developer in energy efficiency and Smart Grid analysis since 2012 and has specifically worked with Internet based services and heterogeneous networks for demand response, demand control and storage technologies. We have also pioneered methodological techniques such as scenario thinking for deriving comprehensive user requirements and value modelling techniques for developing viable business models for a large range of Smart Grid applications in the area of demand control, storage, grid balancing, etc. In particular, we have developed a number of business models for concepts for the shared economy involving shared access by DSO's and Consumers to batteries and other storage technologies. We have also worked intensively with mock-ups and scenarios of energy user interfaces in order to elicit knowledge about motivational factors driving energy consumers.

Role in the project

IN-JET will be involved on defining societal and motivational drives and perform the planned validation activities of user's behavioural changes. The main tasks will be leading WP2: Users' profiling and segmentation including lead of task T2.1 and T2.2. IN-JET will also be involved in definition work in WP3 on the behaviour predictor application and impact assessment activities in WP6. Finally, IN-JET will contribute to WP7 dissemination and exploitation planning.