Library of Interactive Media for Enterprise (United Kingdom)

LiMETOOLS was established in 2013 to develop interactive media based online-training tools that would trigger behaviour change, in favour of more sustainable living and lower carbon-based business and policy. This initiative was based on the understanding that often the corporate world, and indeed individual consumers and even Governments, didn't have the means of

understanding the effects of climate change related to energy consumption, and continued lifestyle and business as usual. Since its foundation, LiMETOOLS has worked with many organisations to support and reflect decision making around sustainable futures ensuring multi-stakeholder viewpoints are recognised, and developing tools that engaged individuals and organisations while providing a measurable pathway to a lower carbon future.

Role in the project

LiMETOOLS is the major player in the FEEdBACk consortium tasked with developing testing and implementing behaviour change tools that will encourage understanding of energy consumption in a variety of built environments, while also providing a pathway to lower energy consumption and new ways of managing energy in the context of the built environment based around individual and group motivation. The development of interactive applications, usable across a range of formats and platforms, will feature dramatisations and gamification as triggers to engage building users, and to provide them with a rich and rewarding environment that embeds measurable and persistent behaviour change.