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FEEdBACk Suite :: DEXMA platform

From the FEEdBACk project consortium is a pleasure to present the FEEdBACk Suite, the new tool that will help Facility Managers and Home Inhabitants to improve their building energy efficiency. As a result of the project, several apps have been developed to meet the monitoring, calculation and forecasting requirements of all the ICT platform modules. These apps’ results are also interesting to track and assess that proposed changes for the building users are effective.

The suite is available in the Dexma Apps marketplace, and its installation is as simple as clicking on a button. From the very beginning, the user will be able to access all the FEEdBACk app results including the energy recommendations and the saving opportunities notification.

The results of the apps in the following list are the ones available in the FEEdBACk suite:
- Energy manager
- Net load forecasting
- Occupancy forecasting
- Tertiary disaggregation
- Residential disaggregation
- Automation manager


Who should be interested in FEEdBACk Suite?
There are two kinds of interested people:

Potential users

The suite is interesting for all kinds of organizations willing to improve energy consumption by changing employees’ bad habits. Ask for all the apps’ features and schedule a live demo.

App developers

Dexma platform allows external parties to develop their own apps to work together with the FEEdBACk project apps. Detailed information is available in case of collaboration interest.

If you are interested in our amazing solution or have any doubt about how does it work, please contact us by sending a message.