"Applied Machine Learning Days 2019" counted on FEEdBACk project


On January 28 and 29, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) represented the FEEdBACk project at "Applied Machine Learning Days 2019", in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Marina Dorokhova presented a poster entitled "Supervised model for building occupancy prediction from electrical consumption data", which was developed in the framework of the FEEdBACk project.

This research used supervised machine learning techniques for classification in order to demonstrate the potential of occupancy prediction from electricity smart meter measurements.

In total, the event, which was organised by EPFL, project partner, featured four days of talks, tutorials and workshops on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world.

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The FEEdBACk project participated in the III World Smart Energy Summit

Achieving savings through energy monitoring, forecasting and optimization: The European FEEdBACk project” was the name of the presentation of Marina Dorokhova, from EPFL...


Cambridge hosted the 4th Physical Meeting of FEEdBACk

From 5th to 7th March, the FEEdBACk partners were together for another physical meeting. This time, the place chosen was Cambridge, in United Kingdom, picked by the organisers of the event, LiMETOOLS.