Cambridge hosted the 4th Physical Meeting of FEEdBACk


From 5th to 7th March, the FEEdBACk partners were together for another physical meeting. This time, the place chosen was Cambridge, in United Kingdom, picked by the organisers of the event, LiMETOOLS. On the first day, the Consortium had the opportunity to attend an Exploitation Seminar, presented by Dario Mazzella, an Innovation Expert.

This seminar stimulated the teamwork among FEEdBACk members, as the main results of exploration of the project were reviewed through different groups. In the end, each team had the opportunity to present the Key Exploitable Results discussed.

On the second day, FEEdBACk partners made an overview for all Work-Packages. This discussion allowed the definition of an action plan for the next months of the project.

The meeting ended in 7th March with a couple of parallel sessions focused on the short-term decisions that the consortium has to take in order to respond to the project objectives.

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ECOplay is being played by all demonstrators of FEEdBACk project

After Porto (Portugal) and Lippe (Germany), it was Barcelona's turn to launch the gamification platform on its pilot.