FEEdBACk Review Meeting: what steps have been taken and what will be next?


On September 10-11, the FEEdBACk consortium was in Brussels (Belgium) for the Project Review Meeting.

During these days, partners made the state of play for each of the project work packages and correspondent tasks. In addition, there was a demonstration for the various technologies of the project. In “real time”, the applications developed under the work packages 2, 3 and 5 had been running: profiling and segmentation, behaviour predictor, load disaggregation, net load forecast and automation measurement.

The multi-sensor developed within the project framework showed the measurements regarding the temperature, humidity and CO2 of the meeting room.

This event also aimed at preparing the next steps of the project. For example, the expected timeline for the work package 6 - Impacts assessment and business models - which will start soon, was presented by TU Delft (leader of the work package 6) and counted on the inputs of  the remaining partners (INESC TEC, LiMETOOLS, In-JeT and DEXMA).

 At the meeting had also been present two project reviewers.

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ECOplay is being played by all demonstrators of FEEdBACk project

After Porto (Portugal) and Lippe (Germany), it was Barcelona's turn to launch the gamification platform on its pilot.